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Helping Your Child Manage Diabetes: A Key to Behavior Change

My 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year and we are always fighting in the home about her sugar levels and eating habits. She screams and shouts and blames us for everything. I try to be firm and not give in to her tantrums, but my husband is disgusted with her and speaks ill of her. I want her to see a therapist, he says she’s a lost cause. This breaks my heart. What can I do?

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My Boss Wants Me to “Act First,” But That’s Not My Personality

I love the Crucial Influence® Model, and I’ve been able to apply it to overcome hurdles and help others that I mentor. However, I struggle to apply the framework when it comes to personality types. I have received feedback from my managers that I need to be more action-oriented, but numerous personality tests tell me I am more of a “think first” person rather than an “act first” person.

Here is my question: Does personality relate to ability or motivation? If my personality is more “think first” and my boss is asking me to be more “act first,” how do I change my behavior while still being true to who I am?

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Want More Influence? Here’s How to Get It

Leadership is intentional influence. It isn’t the vacuous or mystical thing that so many writers claim. It is a systematic process of influencing human beings to achieve important results. It’s about mobilizing behavior in the service of valued goals. At the end of the day, if behavior isn’t changing, you aren’t leading.

Lean in to Accountability

For years I have used LEAN to improve the work my healthcare lab does. But I still have people who respond poorly to feedback and who only want to hear about chronic or dire issues, and I’m often met with “I’m only human.” How can I hold my team members to high standards and validate them so they don’t become disgruntled?

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