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Perspective on “Quiet Quitting”

I’ve heard a lot of people accuse teachers of “quiet quitting.” Teachers typically put in many hours and their own dollars to give students the best possible education. But recently, due to low pay, many have said they will limit their work to the classroom only. How can you hold teachers accountable for quietly quitting when, really, the norm has been to work unpaid hours?

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Creating a Culture of Learning in 2023

When I ask clients to identify their desired outcome as we plan training implementation, by and large the most common response is “culture.” They want to create a culture of dialogue or a culture of productivity. They want to influence the organization’s adaptability and flexibility during change. They want a culture where people step up, …

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Lean in to Accountability

For years I have used LEAN to improve the work my healthcare lab does. But I still have people who respond poorly to feedback and who only want to hear about chronic or dire issues, and I’m often met with “I’m only human.” How can I hold my team members to high standards and validate them so they don’t become disgruntled?

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