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How to Confront an Aging Parent about Their Driving

My 80-year-old dad is experiencing cognitive decline, has had eye surgery on both eyes, and is deaf. One of my siblings says that my dad is a “terrifying” driver. But no one in the family is doing anything about it, probably because they’re all busy raising families. How can I talk to them about my dad’s driving? And how can we talk to our dad, who will not take lightly his car keys being taken by his children?

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How to Coach a Know-It-All

I have a new employee on my team who is very knowledgeable but shares her knowledge in a very know-it-all fashion. I’m concerned this will lead to a disconnect between her and the rest of the team. I want her to develop good relationships with our team members, but I’ve noticed that her tendency is driving people away. Some folks on my team have also noticed and let me know. How do I “coach” her? I’ve never had to coach to personality traits before. It’s so much easier to address poor performance or disrespect, but this? What can I do?

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Being Disciplined with Daily Habits

Each year we begin anew with commitments for improved health, strengthened relationships, better behaviors, increased skills—new habits. Some realize those resolutions, but for many (if not most), the goals never materialize. It may seem like you’re setting the same New Year’s resolutions year after year. Lose weight becomes lose more weight or lose weight again. Get fit in 2022 turns into get fit next year in 2023. Sort out the junk in your shed transitions to sort out the junk in your life.

I’ve taken a different approach.

My Boss Wants Me to “Act First,” But That’s Not My Personality

I love the Crucial Influence® Model, and I’ve been able to apply it to overcome hurdles and help others that I mentor. However, I struggle to apply the framework when it comes to personality types. I have received feedback from my managers that I need to be more action-oriented, but numerous personality tests tell me I am more of a “think first” person rather than an “act first” person.

Here is my question: Does personality relate to ability or motivation? If my personality is more “think first” and my boss is asking me to be more “act first,” how do I change my behavior while still being true to who I am?

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Perspective on “Quiet Quitting”

I’ve heard a lot of people accuse teachers of “quiet quitting.” Teachers typically put in many hours and their own dollars to give students the best possible education. But recently, due to low pay, many have said they will limit their work to the classroom only. How can you hold teachers accountable for quietly quitting when, really, the norm has been to work unpaid hours?

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