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What Happened? A Boss On a Spending Spree

Dear Joseph,

First, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I think you were right on target with every single remark you made. I believe I originally read the situation wrong and judged incorrectly, and you gave me a much needed wake-up call!

I have talked this through with my boss and now have a much greater understanding of his vision and strategy for the company. He also understands why I think the way I do, and wants to better explain his decisions to the management team. We agreed that expenditures in excess of a certain amount will be brought before the management team for discussion before a final decision is made.

I believe that while we may have different opinions, it will still help us gain understanding and trust with one another if we can talk through our concerns and offer suggestions. Holding this conversation has strengthened our relationship and improved our ability to manage the company effectively.

I really look forward to the Crucial Skills Newsletter each week. You do an excellent job!

Many thanks,
Following the Money

Editor’s Note: This letter was received in response to a question Joseph Grenny answered in the December 29, 2010 Crucial Skills Newsletter titled, “A Boss On a Spending Spree.” If you would like to share similar feedback about the authors’ advice, please e-mail us at

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3 thoughts on “What Happened? A Boss On a Spending Spree”

  1. Penny Walker

    Hi Joseph and Following,

    Thanks for sharing this update with us. I read the original letter and response, and am excited to read the next thrilling installment.

    And of course you’re modeling ‘action and reflection’, which is a great way for us all to share in the learning.



  2. Patrick Sepuru

    Mine is a question. I have a situation where a colleague and I are aware of an intention/possible consipiracy by another colleague to sabotage our boss and take over from him. We want to warn the boss such that he sees this and does something about it. The boss thinks that this individual is loyal to him.


  3. editor

    @Patrick Sepuru Please submit your question to the authors via the form at or via e-mail to

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