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As a solutions implementation consultant at Crucial Learning, I get to work with both new and long-term clients (if you are one of them and reading this—Hey!). Over the last several months, one popular area of support has been helping certified trainers prepare for their first time facilitating or returning to the classroom after a lengthy break. “I don’t want to mess up.” “I just feel like I’m rusty right now with the content. It’s been awhile.” Regardless of how it’s worded, what I hear behind the words is, “I just want to be confident I am giving my audience an impactful experience.”

Delivering a course can feel like a daunting task regardless of whether it’s the first time or the first time in a while. However, with the right approach and preparation, you can boost your confidence and create a successful learning experience for your participants. Here are five essential tips to help you shine as a facilitator.

Let the Course Guide You

It can be intimidating to hold the self-imposed expectation to remember everything. Know that our courses are designed to help you succeed. Your trainer guide is full of tips, options, and timing suggestions to help you navigate each lesson. Lean into your VIP slides knowing that everything you need is there on the screen. Set up videos by introducing the characters and what you want learners to look for. Review the directions in the trainer and learner guides for table or breakout activity instructions and timing. Let the VIP slides guide you to success. As you gain experience, feel free to add your personal touch and anecdotes to make the content more engaging.

Use Trainer Zone Resources

Take advantage of the resources available in Trainer Zone. This website is your facilitator toolbox and emergency kit for managing your course before, during, and after. Review the course content with help from experienced facilitators in the Quick Prep videos for each lesson. Find custom learning best practices. Download the trainer and learner guides in a PDF format. Find links to after-training resources. All of this will help you create a learning strategy and thus build confidence in delivering your course effectively.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Prioritize practicing your presentation and using the technology (for both in-person and virtual delivery) at least a few times before you’re live with your learners. Practice not only helps you memorize the content but also boosts your confidence in handling unexpected situations or technical glitches. With each practice, you will refine your delivery and become more comfortable with the material. Pro tip: When practicing, do so out loud—either to yourself or to a small friendly audience (for a couple of sections). Ask your preview crew for feedback and clarity. Practice doesn’t make perfect—practice builds confidence.

Breathe and Stand Tall

For both in-person and virtual training, breathing is essential to project confidence. Avoid shallow breaths or holding your breath, as this can make you appear anxious (or become lightheaded!). Neither is great for you or your audience! Stand tall and use a standing desk if facilitating virtually, as it allows for better breathing and improved posture.

Know Your Content

Content mastery is a key component of confidence. You don’t have to know all the answers to your audience’s questions. Study and practice the content thoroughly to make connections between different lessons. Keep a collection of real-life examples (yours, examples from the book, examples shared from previous class attendees, etc.) that demonstrate the application of the skills taught in the course. This will enhance your ability to engage participants and handle their questions effectively.

Thomas Kramer, Senior Training Consultant at Crucial Learning, shares a great reminder to boost your confidence: “The audience wants me to succeed and have an awesome training experience. They are rooting for me, not waiting for me to make a mistake.”

Remember, confidence comes from a combination of knowing the content, applying the skills, and engaging your audience. By following these tips and continuously seeking feedback and improvement, you can deliver your course with confidence and create a positive impact on your participants’ learning journey.

For more in-depth tips and support, you can find the following resources in each course page within Trainer Zone:

What are your go to confidence builders? Add to the conversation and post yours in the comments.

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