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How to Handle a Personal Judgment

My manger recently told me that another leader said this about me: “her nationality shows by her bluntness in meetings.” I was told this as feedback but wasn’t given any specific examples. While I am open to constructive feedback and want to improve, I’m very hurt by this comment. This is particularly hurtful because I work for an organization that prides itself on being diverse and inclusive. I also ask myself: What would the feedback be if I were of a different nationality? Or if I were male? Or what would I hear if I were a director or a VP rather than a manager? How do I respond to this feedback? Right now, I feel hurt. I welcome your insight

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How to Have a Crucial Conversation with Your Boss

My supervisor has been micromanaging employees, disclosing project information that shouldn’t be, and generally just overstepping communication boundaries. I have stopped sharing information with them for fear that they will share it too soon or in the wrong way. My question is this: How do I have a Crucial Conversation with my supervisor about this?

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