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From the Road: Anxiously Awaiting August

Steve WillisSteve Willis is a Master Trainer and Vice President of Professional Services at VitalSmarts.

From the Road

I’m writing this article, as I have many times in the past, during my plane ride home (Woo-Hoo!). However, I’m not returning from conducting a training, as is often the case, but rather from a number of certified trainer workshops that were held on the East Coast.

These sessions really reinvigorate me. I see familiar faces of those I’ve certified and worked with in the past. I get to hear about how others are using the materials. I’m exposed to a whole range of best practices (e.g., some people have taken questions submitted to the authors via the newsletter and sent them as part of the invitations to attend training with a teaser like, “Come to training to find out how to best respond to this and other similar questions.”). And I especially enjoy hearing the firsthand accounts of how participants responded to and utilized their newly acquired skills.

This whole last week has got me really excited to see everyone at the REACH Conference this year. I can hardly wait. So help me out. Give me something to tide me over. Please send me some of your recent experiences with the training or cool new ideas you can share with me to help the time go more quickly.

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