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Special Announcement: Introducing the Second Edition of our Bestselling Book, Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change

What’s New in the Second Edition of Influencer?

  • New subtitle
  • Updated statistics, facts, and figures
  • New research and case studies from organizations like KIPP, Menlo Innovations, Fundación Paraguaya, and others
  • Skill applications gleaned from six years of Influencer Training
  • “Act Like An Influencer” stories: twenty-five vignette examples of real influencers
  • New focus on the three keys of influence: 1) Focus and measure, 2) Find vital behaviors, and 3) Engage all Six Sources of Influence
  • Now available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book

Win a copy of the new edition. Watch, comment, and share our video of author Joseph Grenny discussing the power of the influence model to change behavior at our local TEDX event.

We’ll select twenty-five people to receive a FREE copy of the brand new second edition. You’ll receive one entry in our drawing for every action you take (watching, commenting, and sharing).


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