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Q&A with a Change Challenger: Pam's goal to get promoted


Change Challenger Pam shares her change plan to get a promotion in 6 months.

Change Anything

What is your change goal?

To receive a promotion within 6 months

What are your crucial moments?

  • When new, stretch assignment becomes available
  • When discussing business accomplishments
  • When beginning assigned lead on project

What are your vital behaviors?

  • Willingly take on stretch assignments and identify what competencies will be enhanced.
  • Confidently share the path I’ve taken to achieve accomplishments with my managers.
  • Willingly take on projects with clear understanding of objectives and deadlines. Ask questions when uncertain and don’t procrastinate

What adjustments are you making to your change plan in the past few weeks to ensure you achieve your goal?

  • I’m making the actions steps I’ve outlined in my plan realistic and achievable.
  • I’m scheduling time each week to review my plan and complete the action steps.
  • Realizing that the time I devote to my plan doesn’t need to be hours – even 15 minutes twice a week can make a difference.
  • I decided I will reward myself with iPad if I achieve my goal.

What insights have you had as you’ve encountered challenges and how have you turned bad days into good data?

  • The Change Anything website has been an invaluable resource.
  • The messaging, journaling, and action plan tutorials make the website very easy to use.
  • Coaches have provided an extra cheer—like running a 5K.
  • I’ve viewed setbacks in my plan as an opportunity to revise and improve rather than as defeat.
  • I’ve realized a journey is rarely a straight path!

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