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Joseph Grenny Says You're On!: Keep Habits by Competing with Friends

Change Anything

Change Anything

Last week, Joseph offered advice on how to conquer the snooze button and many readers chimed in with their own great tips for getting up early.

To help you conquer this habit and others, Joseph recommends downloading You’re On!—the new iPhone app to help you keep good habits. You’re On! helps you focus on your “vital” behavior and earn points for completing it daily. You can also share and complete challenges with your friends to stay motivated.

Visit the iTunes store to download this free app for the iPhone or iPad.

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5 thoughts on “Joseph Grenny Says You're On!: Keep Habits by Competing with Friends”

  1. Gail Velen

    It would be wonderful to have this available for android phones as well!

  2. editor

    @Gail Velen We’re glad you’re excited about the app! Many of our own employees use Android and they’re anxious to get the app too. We have our hands full with many new projects and an Android app for You’re On! is one of them. However, with so many projects, it will still be several months before a release. Keep an eye out in the newsletter and we’ll let you know when the Android version is available.

  3. bscopes best leadership blogs | RAPIDBI

    […] Joseph Grenny Says You’re On!: Keep Habits by Competing with Friends […]

  4. Norma

    The comment on the Android app is almost 2 years old but I can’t find anything about that being released. Is there an Android app available?

    1. Editor

      Hi Norma,
      Apologies for the delay in responding – I was tracking down the information! Unfortunately, we do not have an Android version of the app You’re On! and don’t have immediate plans to develop one.
      Thank you for your question!
      -The Crucial Skills Editors

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