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Change Anything Challengers

Meet the Change Anything Challengers, three people with common challenges who are looking to make big changes in 2011.

We met these changers when they shared their story with us in the Change Anything in 2011 Challenge. Each one has struggled for years to accomplish life goals, get the promotion they deserve, or feel healthy and beautiful. Motivated by their loved ones, career goals, and personal dreams, each has committed to share their journey of change with us.

Over the next three months they will apply the science of personal change from our new book, Change Anything, to their specific challenge. They will identify the crucial moments keeping them from their goal, determine the vital behaviors that will lead to their success, and develop a six-source plan for securing the change they’ve dreamed of for years. But first…

Meet Bobby. Bobby is a decorated army veteran who has served two combat tours of duty in Iraq. The one thing keeping him from being promoted to Major and continuing to serve his country is 50 extra pounds that he can’t seem to lose. Motivated by his wife and four children who depend on the benefits of his Army career, Bobby is looking to finally lose the weight and earn the promotion he deserves.


Meet Terri. Terri has struggled for the past 20 years with her weight. But after years of struggling, she is finally ready to change. Motivated by her two beautiful daughters who have come to her asking to have a “healthy mommy”, Terri is ready to achieve her goal of losing 50 pounds.


Meet Steve. For the past 5 years, Steve has been on the brink of earning his Master’s degree. While his course work is complete, the one thing standing in his way from getting his diploma is his thesis project. Due to an intense travel schedule, Steve’s thesis remains unfinished. His goal is to finish his thesis by October 31–making him better qualified for future promotions.


Help our changers accomplish their goals! Your comments can provide the social motivation they need to keep going.

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  2. Mareli Furtado

    You can do this. In my late 40’s, I lost 80 pounds. I have been able to keep that weight off for 5 years. If you want some tips from me, please contact me. I give the website permission to give you my email address.

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