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How to Avoid Conflict When Reminding People About New Social Norms in a COVID-19 World

Joseph Grenny, cofounder of VitalSmarts, shares advice on what to do if or when people get defensive after you’ve reminded them to follow COVID-19 social protocols.

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2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Conflict When Reminding People About New Social Norms in a COVID-19 World”

  1. “Dealing with” People Who Believe in Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories – CrucialSkills, the official VitalSmarts blog

    […] report it. Or speak up directly if it’s safe to do so. For tips on how to do that, check out this 90-second video from Joseph […]

  2. Ronni Lynn Steinberg

    This sounds wonderful, but if you are trying to have a “thoughtful” conversation with Hitler, you will get nowhere. Beliefs that spread that D Ok endanger peoples’ health need to be called out. Treating people like they are babies who need a pat on the back is not going to make them realize their beliefs are wrong and change them even in the face of documented, proven facts. It needs to be CALLED OUT!!! If people willfully refuse to check proven factual, reputable sources to hen they must be held accountable for it and that means not treating them with “softness” as if they are a ‘breakable glass! (Sorry about a couple of typos in here!)

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