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Are addictions like gambling attributed to personal motivation or personal ability in the six source model?

David Maxfield

David Maxfield is coauthor of two bestselling books, Change Anything and Influencer.


Q Participants in my Influencer training got into quite a debate on where addictions like gambling fit in the six source model. They are unclear about whether or not the behavior can be attributed to personal motivation or personal ability. What is your view (and rationale for your view)?

A I think that addictions include both personal ability and motivation.

Ability: Many addictions have inheritable components. Many create physical withdrawal symptoms. Many create lasting changes to the addict’s brain. And overcoming an addiction usually requires extensive skill building.<./p>

Motivation: Many addictions take the form of urges that are difficult, but not impossible, to resist. Often an addiction begins as pleasure-seeking behavior.

In our new book, Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success, we devote an entire chapter to addictions. The data suggest that overcoming addictions (alcohol, gambling, smoking, sex, drugs, etc.) requires all six sources of influence.

David Maxfield

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