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Episode 6: How to Get Control of Your Inbox in 2 Minutes or Less

Do you control your inbox, or does your inbox control you? Too many of us are slaves to the incoming tasks, requests, and information flooding our email. The time we spent each day simply reading and re-reading email and then deciding what to do about each one is valuable time wasted.

In this week’s episode, Justin shares advice for finally taking control of your email inbox with the 2 Minute Rule. Learn why two minutes is an important efficiency cut off that will save you loads of time for more important projects.

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  1. The Two-Minute Rule and How to Use It - Crucial Skills by VitalSmarts

    […] question. Let me share some thoughts for both people familiar and unfamiliar with the two-minute rule. For many people I train and work with, this rule has totally shifted the way they process email. […]

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