Change Lives,
Get Results

Crucial Learning certified trainers enjoy access to resources, events, and a community of engaged peers and experts eager to share ideas and answer questions.

Trainer Certification

Trainer certification is the fastest and most effective way to lead change and improve results.

  • Achieve personal mastery in crucial skills and train your teammates and colleagues.
  • Roll out our courses across your organization in an efficient, cost-effective way.
  • Customize the courses to your organization’s culture and unique challenges.
  • Improve learning by providing ongoing coaching and leadership.
  • Join a community of more than 16,000 client trainers worldwide.

Trainer Zone

Trainer Zone is your one-stop shop for the resources you need as a Crucial Learning trainer. You’ll find:

  • Materials for trainers and learners, specific to the course(s) in which you’re certified.
  • Videos that walk you through how to facilitate each lesson in your course(s) in person or via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • Best practices and tips for in-person facilitation, virtual facilitation, production, marketing, and blended learning.
  • Install access for our proprietary VIP software.
  • Links to our trainer communities on social media, the grant program, Trainer Talk articles, and more.

REACH Conference

Every eighteen months, we gather our global trainer community for a premier celebration and development experience, called REACH. Don’t miss it! Past speakers and topics include:

  • Carey Lohrenz on Fearless Leadership
  • Daryl Davis on Bridging Racial Divides
  • Jia Jiang on Being Rejection Proof
  • Alana Wright on Problems to Projects
  • Charles Duhigg on The Power of Habit
  • Greg McKeown on Essentialism
  • And, of course, keynotes and breakouts with our own authors and master trainers.