Learning Options

With in-person, virtual, and on-demand courses—plus trainer certification and speeches—you can create a learning experience that works for your people.



In-Person Courses

In-person public courses are held in various cities throughout the year, open to anyone. We also offer private in-person courses, taught onsite by a Crucial Learning master trainer or an employee who has completed our trainer certification.


Virtual Courses

Virtual courses are live online events, or what is sometimes called synchronous learning. Public virtual courses are led by a Crucial Learning master trainer. Private virtual courses can be facilitated either by a master trainer or one of your employees who has completed trainer certification.


On-Demand Courses

On-demand courses consist of video-based instruction plus online quizzes, assessments, games, and chat groups. Public on-demand courses can be accessed anytime, by anyone. You can also make on-demand courses available exclusive to your team or organization and track learner progress with our Crucial Learning Platform.


Blended Learning

Blended learning consists of combining an online course (virtual or on-demand) with virtual or in-person group discussions for an engaging social learning experience. We provide discussion guides so leaders can facilitate these group discussion as part of their online training—no certification required.


There are three ways to make courses available to your people.


Public courses are available in all learning formats. Simply choose a format and date here on our website, then register and attend.


Private courses can be led either by a Crucial Learning master trainer or one of your employees who completes trainer certification.


Trainer certification gives your employee the skills and the right to lead our courses in your organization and includes ongoing resources and support.



Do you have an upcoming event that you want to be inspiring and impactful? Our master trainers and authors are renowned for delivering fun and illuminating speeches that are also practical. Bringing in a Crucial Learning speaker is a great way to create a memorable experience and support your training initiatives.

illustration of consultant sitting with two business leaders


Need hands-on help for a tough organizational challenge? Go beyond the classroom with Crucial Consulting. Our consultants will work with your leaders to identify what’s contributing to your challenges, and design and implement a strategy to influence the behavior of your people for better results.