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Why On-Demand Learning?

Our on-demand courses allow you to learn at your own pace, in your own space, and on a timeline that works with your busy schedule—and they’re affordable. And, most important, you’ll gain crucial skills in communication, productivity, and leadership—all through fun and engaging videos, exercises, and assessments.

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Log On and Learn

When you purchase a Crucial Learning on-demand course you can begin learning immediately. Courses include 60 days of access, a downloadable learner guide and digital copy of the accompanying New York Times bestseller, plus after-training resources.

60 Days of Access

Practice and study to your heart’s content with 60 days of unlimited access to the course.

4–8 Hours of Instruction

Each course contains several videos, exercises, assessments, and discussion boards—but the pace is up to you.

Materials / Resources

You can immediately download all learning materials, plus you’ll receive ongoing tips with after-training resources.

Bestselling Book

Each course includes a digital copy of the accompanying New York Times bestseller.