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We offer a premier learning experience, stellar customer support, and tangible results. Discover what sets us apart from the rest.

Award-Winning Instruction

From our innovative learning platform to our award-winning original videos, from our deliberate practice sessions to after-training support, our courses are some of the highest-rated in the industry.


The skills and principles we train are rooted in social science and have been demonstrated and replicated in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Customer Satisfaction

More than 93% of our customers say they are likely to recommend us.

Vital Behaviors

We give people the power to improve by teaching them vital behaviors—those that offer the greatest leverage to personal, interpersonal, and organizational wellbeing.


While learners often rave about the ah-ha moments they experience in our courses, their lasting insight is that the skills are real. They work in practice.

Flexible and Fun

We make professional development fun and easy with multiple learning formats centered on interactive experiences.

Some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies have trusted us to teach them crucial skills.

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