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Crucial Applications: REACH 2012 BIG Idea Video—Joseph Grenny Asks Two Important Questions

Watch Joseph Grenny’s twenty-minute BIG Idea Session from REACH where he discusses two important questions that have been on his mind the past year:

  1. What enables some people to change while most of us just stay stuck?
  2. Why is it so difficult to Master My Story?

Joseph discusses how shame gets in the way of our ability to change our own behavior and remove the self-inflicted pain in our lives. Too often we believe our inability to change is due to a lack of nobility when the real problem is our lack of skill.

In his speech, Joseph shares the moving example of helping a woman and her daughter lift themselves out of poverty by changing their behavior.

And when it comes to mastering our stories, Joseph has found that clever stories are so compelling because they come with two embedded lies: 1) I am true; and 2) I am permanent. Until we acknowledge that we believe our story to be true and that it feels permanent, we’ll be powerless to escape our strong emotions about the other person.

Visit the VitalSmarts Video Channel and select Joseph’s What Have You Learned Since We Last Met BIG Idea Session to learn how the answers to Joseph’s two important questions can help you increase your ability to change.

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