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Crucial Moments at Callie’s Café

On the main thoroughfare in my hometown is a greasy spoon called Callie’s Café. Like all greasy spoons, it specializes in comfort food, which is why I took my daughter there for a serious conversation. I thought the fare might make the dialogue more palatable.

How to Communicate Boundaries So You Can’t Be Manipulated—or Manipulate Others

I frequently find myself in Crucial Conversations with someone who is disrespectful and demeaning towards me. I have tried the strategy of apologizing for any wrongs I may have committed, but this person is only willing to talk if I take full responsibility for every wrong they feel I’ve committed and then do things exactly their way. This seems unfair. What can I do?

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Smartphone Addiction: Understanding and Overcoming It

I think I’m addicted to my smartphone. I’ve thought about getting rid of it, but I value and depend on many of its tools. And yet I pick it up hundreds of times a day and stare into it for hours. I think this affects my attention and concentration, self-esteem, relationships, activity and health, peace of mind, sleep, and more—all for the worse. What can I do?

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Angry with Your Boss over a Bad Performance Review? Here’s What You Should Do

At my last performance review, my boss was extremely positive and gave me great feedback, so I was horrified to later discover that he gave me a score of “below average” on the formal paperwork. I arranged a meeting with him to find out why. That’s when he told me I was disengaged, did not challenge myself, and did not collaborate well with others. I got angry and now he won’t talk to me. What should I do?

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