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Do the Crucial Conversations Skills Work for Everyone—Regardless of Race, Gender, or Power?

Dear Trainer Talk, I have used and taught the Crucial Conversations skills for years but have recently wondered whether the skills are more reflective of how white professionals feel comfortable (or safe) addressing disagreement. A few learners have expressed this concern. Could it be that the skills taught in Crucial Conversations do not work for …

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Who’s Responsible for Psychological Safety in a Crucial Conversation?

Recently I was teaching Crucial Conversations to a group and we were practicing how to establish psychological safety when one of the learners asked, “What should you do if you don’t feel safe during a conversation?” I muddled through a response but I’m not sure I really answered the question. The course teaches us how to help others feel psychologically safe during a Crucial Conversation, but what should you do if you feel psychologically unsafe?

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How to Work with a Domineering Boss

I have a domineering boss who micromanages everything I do. He has no filter when speaking to me and often is just outright rude. Whenever I send out a piece of work, he finds fault with it and tries to undermine my confidence. Having read online about his characteristics, I truly believe he suffers from narcissism. The sad fact is that he gets results and senior management love him, so he is untouchable. How can I deal with this aside from leaving the company?

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How to Get Your Team to Accept Change

How do I get my team to accept change? The changes I am trying to implement ensure we stay compliant. We went over these changes to processes well in advance, yet several of my team members are now resistant, passive-aggressive, and have ignored the changes. One person is especially difficult. She expressed her dislike for me and my personality in a one-on-one meeting. When I asked her if she can at least be professional, she shrugged her shoulders.

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Caught in the Middle: Conversations Between Stepchild and Parent

Dear Joseph, I have a stubborn stepson who refuses to speak with his father. He thinks his father doesn’t love him, which is not so. What can I say to him so he’ll open up? Signed,Getting Through Dear Getting Through, First, with no background about your stepson’s life, history with dad, or relationship with you, …

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