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Delivering With Confidence

Delivering a course can feel like a daunting task regardless of whether it’s the first time or the first time in a while. However, with the right approach and preparation, you can boost your confidence and create a successful learning experience for your participants. Here are five essential tips to help you shine as a facilitator.

Trainer Troubleshooting: An Introduction to the Crucial Learning Help Center

When you’re prepping to facilitate a Crucial Learning course and have questions, where do you turn? The first stop should always be the Crucial Learning Help Center, located at We’ve filled the Help Center with Q&As categorized by audience (learners, trainers, or course/learning managers) and then topic. For instance, the trainer categories are virtual …

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The Power of Brevity

In the fall of 2018 received coaching from a highly experienced facilitator. After he observed my delivery, I expected him to give me feedback on my teaching style. However, he didn’t address my style but rather the time it took me to deliver the material. Confused, I listened to his instruction, which would forever change …

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Trainer Spotlight: Alyssa Willet and Assessing Learner Confidence

Measurement is always a hot topic for learning and development professionals—and it’s a project senior training and development specialist Alyssa Willet tackled for her team at University of Colorado Boulder. The goal of the Department of Human Resources is to create positive behavior change with university employees—but how do you measure that? “We redesigned the …

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