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The Relationship between Reflection and Results

“Don’t just do something. Sit there.” When it comes to training that changes behavior, it turns out that reflection is a necessary ingredient. A 2015 Harvard Business Review article explains that reflection increases engagement, and it reiterates what we’ve known for a long time: reflection has a big impact on transference of skills learned in …

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Quality Over Quantity: Customizing Crucial Learning Courses without Sacrificing Impact

It’s a question that many ask: How can I do more with less? Or, at least, how can I do more with the time I have? When it comes to organizational training, questions like these are often coupled with a variety of constraints: limited employee availability, limited opportunity to pull employees from primary job responsibilities, …

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Mapping Competencies to Courses

As a Learning and Development professional, you empower employees and teams far beyond what a mere training catalog can offer. The courses and experiences you create, curate, and provide help individuals align their goals with those of the company and give them opportunities to grow at every career stage. Many organizations use competencies as a …

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Creating a Culture of Learning in 2023

When I ask clients to identify their desired outcome as we plan training implementation, by and large the most common response is “culture.” They want to create a culture of dialogue or a culture of productivity. They want to influence the organization’s adaptability and flexibility during change. They want a culture where people step up, …

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A First Look at the GTD Refresh

We are so excited to announce the refresh of our Getting Things Done (GTD) course. We’ve modernized the look and feel, updated key exercises, and created a more seamless delivery experience for trainers, regardless of whether you’re facilitating virtually or in person, or leading a blended cohort. Leading this refresh over the past nine months, …

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The Road to ROI is ROE

Early in my L&D career, a business leader asked me, “So how do we know this training is worth this investment? What is the ROI?” “That’s an interesting question,” I said. “One way to think about it is that you and I have discussed what the most successful people do and how they consistently get …

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