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Do the Crucial Conversations Skills Work for Everyone—Regardless of Race, Gender, or Power?

Dear Trainer Talk, I have used and taught the Crucial Conversations skills for years but have recently wondered whether the skills are more reflective of how white professionals feel comfortable (or safe) addressing disagreement. A few learners have expressed this concern. Could it be that the skills taught in Crucial Conversations do not work for …

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Using Your Certified Trainer Skills Beyond the Classroom

Over the last three years, the world of learning and development has been turned upside down. Our “normal” ways of helping others learn crucial skills have been halted, changed, or disappeared altogether. Within our Crucial Learning community, we have certified trainers who anxiously moved into virtual delivery after years of in-person facilitation, and we have …

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Announcing a New Course for Healthcare

On my desk reside several personal objects of great significance. My screaming goat (a gift from a friend); a photo of my children when they were small, all smiling in adorable matching outfits; a clay platypus made for me by my youngest son when he was 6; and one of my most treasured possessions: my …

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2022: The Year of the Learning Journey Strategist

Skill transference is the age-old challenge for learning and development professionals. We love leading events, seeing people experience flashes of insight, and helping them learn new skills. We’ve almost become addicted to the smiles and the high ratings on those feedback surveys. We can’t wait to book another class so we can experience the euphoria …

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