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Delivering With Confidence

Delivering a course can feel like a daunting task regardless of whether it’s the first time or the first time in a while. However, with the right approach and preparation, you can boost your confidence and create a successful learning experience for your participants. Here are five essential tips to help you shine as a facilitator.

Mapping Competencies to Courses

As a Learning and Development professional, you empower employees and teams far beyond what a mere training catalog can offer. The courses and experiences you create, curate, and provide help individuals align their goals with those of the company and give them opportunities to grow at every career stage. Many organizations use competencies as a …

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The Road to ROI is ROE

Early in my L&D career, a business leader asked me, “So how do we know this training is worth this investment? What is the ROI?” “That’s an interesting question,” I said. “One way to think about it is that you and I have discussed what the most successful people do and how they consistently get …

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Using Your Certified Trainer Skills Beyond the Classroom

Over the last three years, the world of learning and development has been turned upside down. Our “normal” ways of helping others learn crucial skills have been halted, changed, or disappeared altogether. Within our Crucial Learning community, we have certified trainers who anxiously moved into virtual delivery after years of in-person facilitation, and we have …

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