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Patrick Maurer and Marketing Mastery

Marketing may not be second nature for most learning and development professionals, but it is for Patrick Maurer. Before joining the employee development team at the City of Tempe, Maurer developed marketing acumen running his own business. He’s applied some tried-and-true techniques to promote the city’s learning and development offerings with its employees.

Nicole O’Brien and Tailoring Delivery for Learner Needs

When Nicole O’Brien got certified to teach Crucial Conversations in June 2011, she planned to teach the course to General Services Administration (GSA) employees throughout the Midwest. But after a reorganization transferred her team to the central office in Washington, D.C., O’Brien and her now-retired teammate Nancy Smith lobbied to make the course available to all of GSA’s 12,000 employees throughout the United States and its territories.

Alyssa Willet and Assessing Learner Confidence

Measurement is always a hot topic for learning and development professionals—and it’s a project senior training and development specialist Alyssa Willet tackled for her team at University of Colorado Boulder. The goal of the Department of Human Resources is to create positive behavior change with university employees—but how do you measure that? “We redesigned the …

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April King and a Culture of Dialogue

Crucial Conversations is an integral part of the culture at American Enterprise Group, Inc. (AEG), and its reach extends beyond the classroom thanks to the creativity of April King and her team. “I really feel we’ve maximized all our capabilities to train our employees on Crucial Conversations,” said King, who serves as director of employee …

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