The Other Side Academy and the
Six Sources of Influence

The Other Side Academy is a rehabilitation program for people with histories of addiction, incarceration, and homelessness. The therapeutic community is a powerful example of the Six Sources of Influence and the leadership model taught in Crucial Influence.


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Crucial Influence reveals the personal, social, and structural sources that shape human behavior and teaches a method for using these sources to change behavior.

Crucial Influence book


Fifteen years ago, Crucial Influence (formerly Influencer) introduced the business world to a bold idea: true leadership depends not on position or personality, but on an understanding of how the world works. Drawing on 50 years of social science research and the study of leaders around the world, Crucial Influence reveals a method for engaging personal, social, and structural forces to influence behavior. The Crucial Influence course expands on the now-famous model of leadership outlined in the book to assist leaders as they attempt to do that which defines leadership: influence others for lasting results.

Joseph Grenny


Joseph Grenny is the cofounder of Crucial Learning and The Other Side Academy and coauthor of four New York Times bestsellers with more than five million copies in print: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Change Anything, and Crucial Influence. His work has been translated into 28 languages, is available in 36 countries, and has generated results for more than half of the Forbes Global 2000.