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Crucial Learning Announces Redesigned Crucial Conversations Courses

September 15, 2021 – Provo, UT – Crucial Learning, a learning company with courses in communication, performance, and leadership, today announced the redesign of the company’s two award-winning flagship courses—Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability. The reimagined courses are now more inclusive, flexible, and accessible than ever before.

For the past 20 years, more than 1 million people have turned to Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability—courses based on the New York Times bestselling books of the same titles—to improve their results and relationships. Today’s announcement not only includes a name change to each course, but also a shift to expand the Crucial Conversations family of courses, making it easier for people to learn how to master dialogue and hold others accountable. While the foundational skills remain rooted in social science research and principles, the course scenarios, exercises, videos, and lessons better address today’s ever-increasing challenges. The new courses are:

Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue (formerly Crucial Conversations)

At the heart of healthy and high-performance organizations are people willing and able to hold Crucial Conversations. The award-winning Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue gives people the skills to transform disagreement into dialogue for improved relationships and results. With skills to speak their minds honestly and respectfully, people collaborate better, make better decisions, and foster workplace cultures of trust and respect. The course is available in on-demand, virtual, and in-person learning formats.

About Crucial Conversations® for Accountability (formerly Crucial Accountability)

Crucial Conversations® for Accountability teaches a process for managing performance—from coaching through behavioral challenges to helping people identify and achieve goals. Anchored on principles of effective dialogue, this course teaches skills for holding peers accountable regardless of power, position, or authority. The course is available in on-demand, virtual, and in-person learning formats.

New content and exercises in the courses address topics such as virtual teams, bias, multi-generational workplaces, health and safety, and more. The courses’ new videos are also more representative and reflective of modern workplaces and communities.

“We are having more tough conversations than ever before,” said Emily Gregory, vice president of design and delivery at Crucial Learning and co-designer of the new courses. “If we are to make progress, we must create inclusive, safe, and thoughtful conversations that challenge us to expand our thinking. Our passion is to help people do just that. We believe these new courses well help facilitate crucial conversations we need to be holding in our organizations, communities, and homes.”

Both courses are now available in on-demand, in-person, and virtual learning formats, lending more flexibility to best fit the needs of each organization and individual. New add-on courses also make it easier than ever to access the full Crucial Conversations skill set in less time for those who have taken one course and want to learn the additional skills from the other.

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About Crucial Learning
Formerly VitalSmarts, Crucial Learning improves the world by helping people improve themselves. By combining social science research with innovative instructional design, we create flexible learning experiences that teach proven skills for solving life’s most stubborn personal, interpersonal, and organizational problems. We offer courses in communication, performance, and leadership, focusing on behaviors that have a disproportionate impact on outcomes, called crucial skills. Our award-winning courses and accompanying bestselling books include Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, The Power of Habit, and Getting Things Done. Together they have helped millions achieve better relationships and results, and nearly half of the Forbes Global 2000 have drawn on these crucial skills to improve organizational health and performance. For more information, visit

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