GTD Team Assessment

Does you team struggle to collaborate, stay on task, or complete projects to timeline and budget?

Take the first step toward team productivity and efficiency by completing the GTD team assessment. This ten-question quiz reveals some of your team’s tendencies when it comes to managing workflow, and it provides tips for improvement.

1. It’s common for the people I work with to lose track of things, because they’ve failed to write them down or record them.

2. Too often, my teammates are surprised by tasks, appointments, or deadlines they’ve forgotten.

3. Often it feels as if the people in my area are busy, but failing to get the important jobs completed.

4. It’s common for people I work with to spend too much time on the wrong priorities.

5. The daily tasks and projects our team spends most of its time on are not well connected to the larger organizational goals, vision and purpose.

6. Our area of the organization is a pressure cooker where people feel a lot of stress.

7. Our team struggles with work overload and burnout.

8. It’s common for the people on our team to feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

9. People in our area/team feel buried by more work than they can handle.

10.Several of the people on my team experience more stress and pressure than they can handle.