GTD Assessment

Do you often feel overwhelmed, stressed, or out of control? Our research shows that burnout has little to do with how much you have going on, and everything to do with how you manage what’s going on.

Discover how you can improve focus and decrease stress. This short assessment reveals your tendencies when it comes to managing your workflow and offers tips for improvement. Awareness is the first step toward change.

1. I sometimes forget what tasks I need to do because I fail to write them down or record them.

2. When assignments come in I don’t always capture them on paper, my calendar, or anywhere.

3. I don’t always document my to-dos and tasks, so I forget that I need to do them.

4. Sometimes I feel stressed because I know there are things I need to do but can’t remember what they are.

5. Sometimes I glance at an email, choose not to deal with it, and leave it for later.

6. It’s not uncommon for me to revisit an email multiple times because I haven’t taken the time to decide what to do with it.

7. I often scan my emails for those that seem urgent or important and leave the others for later.

8. My inbox has become more of a storage bin than a place where I quickly process inputs and requests.

9. Sometimes I’m startled by my calendar notifications because they occur when I am doing other things.

10. At home I often find myself worrying about things I need to remember to do the next day at work.

11. I have trouble letting go of to-dos because I’m not fully confident I’ll remember them or be reminded of them at the right time.

12. I regularly stress over remembering important tasks or events.

13. I often feel as if I’m working hard but not getting important tasks completed.

14. It’s common for me to feel overly busy and yet uneasy about whether I’m doing the right work.

15. I often worry about those priorities I’m not working on, even though I’m putting in a lot of hours and getting a lot done.

16. I work as hard as I can, but there are times when I’m troubled that I might not be working on the right priorities.

17. At least once a week I take time to pause, clear my mind, track my accomplishments, and take stock of where I stand.

18. I regularly check the connection (or lack of connection) between my daily tasks and my higher priorities.

19. Every few days I step back and evaluate the connection between my actions and my long-term goals.

20. I regularly take time to reflect on my long-term goals.