Make a Difference

Crucial Learning offers grants to nonprofit organizations that could benefit from our crucial skills. The grant provides learner materials at no cost to organizations—our way of supporting certified trainers and master trainers who donate their time to deliver the course.

Why a Grant?

Nonprofit organizations work hard to strengthen their communities—and often without resources to fund learning and development for employees. The crucial skills taught in our courses can bolster these organizations in their missions and help them run more effectively. We want to support them in the good they’re doing.

That’s why we partner with our trainers to provide grant-subsidized learning to qualifying nonprofit organizations. We provide the materials; our trainers provide their time supporting causes close to their hearts. Together we help change the world for good, one course at a time.

How to Qualify

Organizations that qualify for a grant must meet the following requirements:

Independent 501c3
Qualifying organizations must be a single, independent 501c3 nonprofit without national or global affiliation.
Demonstrate a Need
Organizations must demonstrate a need for crucial skills to accomplish their mission.
No Conflict of Interest
Organizations must not have a conflicting contractual relationship with Crucial Learning.
Don’t Already Qualify for Special Rates
Education, government, and healthcare organizations already receive special rates from Crucial Learning.
Who Can Apply?
  • An active certified trainer or master trainer
  • A representative of a qualifying trainee organization
  • A third-party catalyst who brings together a qualifying trainer and trainee organization, hosts the training, and/or proposes to cover expenses
How to Apply
  1. The trainer and nonprofit work together to identify the organization’s needs (e.g., Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue taught in person) and submit the application below. One application per trainer and organization per year.
  2. Crucial Learning’s grant committee reviews the application and will approve, deny, or suggest changes. Grants are awarded based on an annual allocation on a first-come-first-served basis; organizations can only receive one grant.
  3. If approved, Crucial Learning will send the grant recipient an order form to fill out.
  4. Crucial Learning will email learner materials or ship them at no cost within the U.S. (does not include books, which can be purchased at cost by request). Organizations outside of the U.S. will be expected to pre-pay freight charges, import taxes, and duty fees for in-person materials.
  5. The trainer facilitates the session pro bono. Trainers may not be compensated for services, and participants may not be charged (i.e., this is not a fundraising opportunity).
  6. The grant organization and/or trainer reports back to Crucial Learning about the course, including its purpose, what took place, and the results.