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Build Your GTD® Skills

Small actions, when done consistently and strategically, can have a huge impact. These GTD after-training resources will support you in your learning and growth. Watch this short video from David on where to start.

Please note: These resources are only for those who have completed the Getting Things Done® Training by Crucial Learning.

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Improve your Capture skills with the tips and exercises in this section.

Capture Wherever You Are

One of the keys to GTD success is always being ready to capture inputs and ideas.

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Distractions are unavoidable parts of our lives, but learning to capture reliably will help you sustain your focus despite the noise.

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Remember the Mind Sweep exercise in the course? A Mind Sweep allows you to capture everything that owns a part of your attention. Learn more about the purpose of the Mind Sweep and how to make the most of it in this guided Mind Sweep with David Allen.

How to Do a Mind Sweep

Master Trainer Kelly Forrister shares a few of the keys to getting the most out of a Mind Sweep.

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The tips and instruction in this section will help you master the skill of Clarifying.

Beat Your Backlog

Feeling burdened by a backlog of emails, to-dos, errands, bills, or something else? The key to beating any backlog is to first identify any immediate threats the backlog poses, address those if there are any, then sequester the backlog and make it a project. David explains how.

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When to Clarify

While you can capture ideas on the go, clarifying them requires a little more time and space. David Allen offers suggestions for when and where to clarify. Do you have a favorite space or time of day for clarifying your inputs?

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Clarifying is the act of determining what each input means to you. And there’s a simple formula for doing this. David shares this formula in this short audio lesson.


Use these tips to organize your inputs and lists so it’s easier to take action.

Be Ready for Anything

Look at your calendar. Do you have everything you need for today’s meetings and commitments? See how Justin’s approach to his calendar is influenced by GTD.

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What… or Who… Are You Waiting For?

If you’re often waiting for other people to take action or reply to your messages, you might want to create a Waiting For list. In this short video, Justin shares some tips for how to organize and keep track of things you’re waiting for.

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Master Your Next Actions

Master Trainer Steve Willis explains how he makes his Next Actions list more useful by including more of the right information.

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David’s Contextual Lists

Creating lists by context is a new concept for many, but it’s one that is flexible and should work for you, not against you. David explains how he will change his contextual lists in different situations. How might your lists change as your situations do?

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Below you’ll find a webinar, a podcast, and more to provoke… reflection.

Notice Crucial Moments

In our busy lives, we often overlook opportunities to pause and reflect. In fact, many of us have a counterproductive bias towards activity. Justin explains in this short video how you can make the most of opportune moments to reflect, and why you should.

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Competing Priorities

In this 75-minute webinar, David Allen explains how GTD can help you not only accomplish what you need to, but also create the mental space so you’re free to focus on the things you want to.

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We often experience stress because there’s a disconnect between what we’re doing and what we believe we ought to be doing. Learn how GTD can help you make better choices—and feel better about what you’re doing—in this short audio lesson with GTD expert Kelly Forrister.


Listen as two GTD experts talk about prioritizing around the roles you hold.

What to Work on When

Using GTD’s Three-fold Nature of Work model, Master Trainer Kelly Forrister shares strategies for what to work on when.

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Renew Through Review

Master the art of the Weekly Review with David Allen as your guide.

Focus on Review

As you apply the GTD skills in your life, you will be free to think more clearly about your future. The GTD Weekly Review® and Horizons of Focus® are important to keeping your daily actions aligned with your deeper values and long-term goals. Master Trainer Steve Willis explains more.

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Backward & Forward

When you do your GTD Weekly Review, consider reviewing your previous calendars and lists and your upcoming calendars and lists. Justin Hale explains how this approach can improve your perspective of your tasks and projects.

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Today is Someday

You know that Someday/Maybe list you keep? Today may be a good day to review it. David Allen says the Someday/Maybe list is the “sleeper” in GTD, meaning it’s often not taken seriously though it has the greatest potential. How can you make the most of your Someday/Maybe list? David has some suggestions.

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GTD Guided Weekly Review

The GTD Weekly Review is considered by some to be the crux of GTD. It allows you to see the bigger picture of your life and get clear on where you’ve been and where you’re going. Get the most from your weekly reviews by practicing one with David Allen (provided courtesy of GTD Connect).

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When to Review

When should you do a GTD Weekly Review? Perhaps weekly, perhaps when you feel you need to. David Allen shares some ideas in this short video.

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Putting It All Together

What might your life look like when you apply GTD? Efficient, effective, and focused come to mind. In this short video with Justin Hale, we highlight how the GTD skills look in action.

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Setup Guides

Please note: these setup guides are licensed to only those who have completed the GTD Training by Crucial Learning.
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