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Congrats on completing the classroom portion of GTD Training! Of course, GTD really pays off as you apply it. Remember, small actions when taken consistently and strategically can have a huge payoff.

Review the resources on this site to help you in build and use your trusted GTD system.

Please note: These resources are only for those who have completed the Getting Things Done Training by Crucial Learning.


Capture wherever you are

One of the keys to GTD success is always being ready to capture inputs and ideas.

What to really capture

Here’s a tip from GTD Master Trainer Steve Willis. But don’t just take his word for it; try it yourself!

Capture when distracted

Task-switching and distractions are unavoidable parts of our lives, but learning to capture reliably will help you sustain your focus despite the noise.

Sweep your mind

Remember the “mind sweep” cards in training? A mind sweep helps you capture everything that owns a piece of our attention which you can clarify later. Do a fresh mind sweep—with sticky notes or whatever suits you. To help you, listen to this guided mind sweep from David Allen.


Beat your backlog

Have a 1,000 emails in your inbox? Check out this 79-second video tip for getting current.

When to Clarify

David Allen explains when, in our busy lives, we should clarify. This video is less than 2 minutes so you can watch it right now!

Get to Zero Often

“Inbox zero” is a reality for many GTD practitioners, but you don’t need to pursue it relentlessly. As it turns out, “inbox zero” is the natural outcome of regularly clarifying. Listen as David Allen gives you some keys to clarifying.

More Resources

Get a handle on e-mail


Be ready for anything

Look at your calendar. Do you have everything you need for today’s meetings and commitments? See how Justin’s approach to his calendar is influenced by GTD.

What … or who… are you waiting for?

If you’re often waiting for other people to take action or reply to your messages, you might want to create a Waiting For list. Watch this short video as Justin shares some tips for how to organize your “waiting for items.”

Organize by context

Remember that idea from training? Organizing your to-dos by context can save you tons of time and brain power. See what contextual lists David Allen likes to use.

Master Your Next Actions

Steve Willis describes his approach to making his Next Actions list more useful by including more of the right information.

David’s Contextual Lists

See how David Allen creates special contextual lists to meet his needs.

More Resources

Defining Projects


Notice crucial moments

In our busy schedules, we often overlook moments when it would pay off to pause to reflect. In fact, we typically have a counterproductive bias towards action. In this 38-second video, Justin shares some strategic times during the day for reflection.

Competing Priorities

In this 75-minute webinar, David Allen helps us think about not just what we need to do today but also what we want to think about today.

Reflecting and Engaging means stress reduction

Oftentimes, we experience stress because there’s a disconnect between what we are doing and what we know we’re not doing. See how GTD helps us feel good about our choices in this 10-minute webinar with GTD expert Kelly Forrister.

More Resources

Setting Priorities


Focus on Review

GTD Master Trainer Steve Willis shares how he incorporates the Horizons of Focus into his weekly review.

Backward & Forward

GTD Master Trainer Justin Hale describes an approach to looking backward & forward during the Weekly Review.

Today is someday

You know that “someday/maybe” list you keep? Now is a good time to review it. Hear how David Allen explains the importance of the someday/maybe list in your Weekly Review.

Guided Weekly Review

Try this guided Weekly Review with David Allen. (Provided courtesy of GTD Connect)

When to Review

When is it time for a Weekly Review? Hear from David Allen.

Areas of Focus Podcast

Listen as David Allen tells how to get the most from your Someday/Maybe list.


How to find time for GTD implementation?

Getting started with GTD right away is the best way to succeed.
But don’t worry—the beginning is the very best place to start. Here’s a tip from David Allen.

Putting it all together

Justin explains what life looks like after GTD Training.

Setup Guides

Please note: these setup guides are licensed to only those who have completed the GTD Training by Crucial Learning.
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