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Virtual Learning. Real Results.

These days, learners expect flexible, accessible, and effective learning options. On all accounts, Crucial Learning virtual courses deliver.

Our virtual public courses take place over one week in five 2.5-hour sessions with a Crucial Learning master trainer. Reserve your seat in an upcoming virtual course today.

Why Virtual Learning?

Our research shows 86% of learners rated virtual learning “just as engaging as” or “more engaging than” in-person learning. And when it comes to results, behavior change from a virtual course was immediate. In fact, learners’ use of new skills was no different between the virtual and in-person classroom.

Powerful Social Learning
Practice new skills on the spot in virtual breakouts. Pair up with your peers and workshop the skills together.
Live, Real-Time Feedback
Deliberate practice improves ability. Practice skills and get feedback in the moment from your peers and trainer.
Convenient Instructor-Led Learning
Don’t let distance or schedules keep you from the instructor-led learning you crave.
Tools to Change Behavior
Stay engaged and retain skills with polls and quizzes. Watch videos that highlight mistakes and model correct behaviors.
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