Your Style Under Stress Score

Your Style Under Stress™ score indicates how likely you are to move toward silence (masking, avoiding, or withdrawing) or violence (controlling, labeling, or attacking) during a Crucial Conversation.

Both silence and violence had six statements. Your score in each can range from 0 to 6. The lower the score, the better. The higher the score, the more likely you are to move to silence and/or violence. Notice which aspects of silence or violence you use. All behaviors that move you toward silence or violence have consequences. The first step toward improvement is awareness.

How often do you move towards silence?

Silence Score Breakdown
  • Masking: 0
  • Avoiding: 0
  • Withdrawing: 0

How often do you move towards violence?

Violence Score Breakdown
  • Controlling: 0
  • Labeling: 0
  • Attacking: 0

Now look at your score in using the Crucial Conversations skills. Each of the seven Crucial Conversations principles has three responses so you can score between 0 to 3 in each category. The higher the score, the better. To analyze your score in this area, notice the skills in which you've scored highest—congratulations. Continue those behaviors. Then notice your lowest scores—these are the areas you need to improve.

Crucial Conversations Score

  • STATE My Path: 0
  • Explore Others' Paths: 0
  • Start With Heart: 0
  • Learn To Look: 0
  • Make It Safe: 0
  • Master My Stories: 0
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