Your Style Under Stress™ Results

Understanding Your Results

Your Style Under Stress™ results indicate how likely you are to move toward silence (masking, avoiding, or withdrawing) or verbal violence (controlling, labeling, or attacking) during a Crucial Conversation.

Silence and verbal violence are two extremes on a communication spectrum, either of which can shut down dialogue, weaken relationships, and diminish results. Your score in each can range from 0 to 6. The lower your score, the better. The higher the score, the more likely you are to move to silence and/or violence. Notice which behaviors you resort to in crucial moments.

Awareness is the first step toward improvement. Action is the next step. You can improve your behavior and your results with the skills from the Crucial Conversations book and course.

Download the free guide below to learn the first skill: Start with Heart.

How often do you move towards silence?


Silence Score Breakdown

  • Masking: 0
  • Avoiding: 0
  • Withdrawing: 0

How often do you move towards verbal violence?


Verbal Violence Score Breakdown

  • Controlling: 0
  • Labeling: 0
  • Attacking: 0

Now look at how well you use the Crucial Conversations skills. If you score zero, you're doing well in this area—at least in the scenarios you had in mind when you answered the questions. Note that your answers might be different if you thought about a more challenging situation. If you score one or two, you may want to pay special attention to the corresponding chapters in the book, or consider attending a course.

Dialogue Skills Score

  • Choose Your Topic (Chapter 3): 0
  • Start with Heart (Chapter 4): 0
  • Master My Stories (Chapter 5): 0
  • Learn To Look (Chapter 6): 0
  • Make It Safe (Chapter 7): 0
  • STATE My Path (Chapter 8): 0
  • Explore Others' Paths (Chapter 9): 0
  • Retake Your Pen (Chapter 10): 0
  • Move to Action (Chapter 11): 0

Download the Guide

Awareness is the first step toward improvement. Action is the next step. Begin now and download The Heart of the Matter: One Skill to Strengthen Relationships, Bridge Divides, and Increase Collaboration.