Your GTD® Team Assessment Results

Our research has found that by increasing your teams GTD practices, you're team can be more productive and less stressed. In some areas your team could experience three to seven times less stress.

Overall Score 0/50


Team GTD Practices

A low score means your team is experiencing mental overload. Their current system isn’t robust enough to keep track of everything coming at them. As a result, too many to-dos fall through the cracks, causing worry and stress. Improvement will require people to stop relying on their memory. Instead, they should select a small number of capture tools where they record and collect all of their incoming tasks. Team members should never leave a team meeting without capturing their commitments in a place they are guaranteed to see later. The score also means the team is experiencing a disconnect between daily life and what truly matters to the team and organization. Their current system for staying aligned isn’t tracking clearly with team, department and organizational goals. As a result, they disappoint themselves and others. Improvement will require them to stop, take stock, and realign on a regular basis.

Team Stress

Our research found that individuals with strong GTD habits are 18 times less likely to say they feel overwhelmed because of tasks that are looming and might crash, and 14 times less likely to say they worry a lot about whether they’ve completely everything they need to do. Being more productive in the GTD way doesn’t mean more stress, it means less stress.

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