Your GTD® Assessment Results

How Your Score Compares To Others

Overall Score



A low score means you’re experiencing mental overload. Your current system isn’t robust enough to keep track of everything coming at you. As a result, too many of your to-dos fall through the cracks, causing you worry and stress. Improvement will require you to stop relying on your memory. Instead, select a small number of capture tools where you record and collect all of your incoming tasks.


A low score means you’re feeling buried under a mountain of tasks and to-dos. Your current system for handling your email inbox isn’t good enough to keep you on top of your work. As a result, your time is spent putting out fires, and you’re rarely able to relax. Improvement will require you to stop using your email inbox as a storage bin. Instead, review new items every day, and determine the next action to take.


A low score means you struggle to keep track of all the assignments and to-dos you are juggling. Your current system for organizing tasks doesn’t do enough to remind you at the right times and places. As a result, you experience anxiety and drop the ball more often than you should. Improvement will require you to change the way you use task lists and calendars.

Reflect & Engage

A low score means you’re frequently distracted, instead of being truly present and focused. Your current system for evaluating tasks doesn’t give you confidence in your priorities. As a result, your attention is divided between what you’re currently doing and what you think you should be doing. Improvement will require you to take the time to check your lists and calendar before taking action.

Renew Through Review

A low score means you’re experiencing disconnects between your daily life and what you truly care about. Your current system for staying aligned isn’t tracking with your values. As a result, you disappoint yourself and others. Improvement will require you to stop, take stock, and realign on a regular basis.

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