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Congratulations on completing the Crucial Influence course. These after-training resources will help you retain what you learned and refine your influence skills.

Watch this short video from Justin on where to start.

Please note: These resources are only for those who have completed the Crucial Influence course
by Crucial Learning.

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Leadership Is Influence

Learn the skills of influence to transform the way you lead.

How do I influence people without being manipulative?

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How to think about measuring results

1:38 Video

Clarify Vital Behaviors

Identify behaviors that will generate the results you want.

How Do I Know if I’ve Identified the Right Behavior?

1:36 Video

How Can Crucial Moments Help Me Find the Right Behaviors?

1:16 Video

Influence in Action: Donald Hopkins Works to Eradicate Guinea Worm Disease

4:08 Video

Woman in conversation

The Differences Between Behavior and Culture


How to Find Vital Behaviors


Understand why behavior change seems (nearly) impossible.

Tips for Diagnosing Effectively

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Two men in a heated discussion

Motivation or Ability?

Source 1: Personal Motivation

Change the value connection and you change how they feel.

How Do I Get People to Choose the Harder Behavior Over the Easier One?

4:32 Video

How to Motivate if a Field Trip Isn’t Possible?

1:21 Video

Influence in Action: Don Berwick Saves Lives in Hospitals

2:37 Video

Source 2: Personal Ability

Learning isn’t enough—the most effective leaders invest significantly more in deliberate practice.

How Spaced Learning Helps Increase Skill Acquisition

1:15 Video

How to Practice Soft Skills

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Influence Experiment: Is Will a Skill?

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Sources 3 and 4: Social Motivation & Social Ability

You CAN’T lead alone. Partner with those who already have influence.

Tips for Identifying Opinion Leaders

1:02 Video

What if an Opinion Leader is Negative?

0:49 Video

Influence in Action: Muhammad Siddiqui Leads the Way

2:31 Video

Source 5: Structural Motivation

Use rewards (and consequences) third—always AFTER personal and social motivators.

Keys to Using Small Rewards

1:41 Video

What to do When Incentives Backfire

3:04 Video

Nurse checking patient

Motivating Without Money

Source 6: Structural Ability

Change the environment to make bad behavior harder and good behavior easier.

Ways to Tweak the Virtual Team Environment

0:54 Video

Influence in Action: Paco Underhill and Why We Buy

6:22 Video

Influence in Action: Peter Pronovost Saves Lives with a Checklist

3:38 Video

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