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Beyond DEI: The Next Step to Civility

Crucial Conversations asserts that if we improve how we communicate, we can improve our relationships and results in every facet of our lives. This assertion has strong implications for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) effort that has grown significantly in recent years.

VitalSmarts is Now Crucial Learning

For more than three decades we have operated as a corporate training firm that helps people and organizations achieve important goals using the skills taught in our courses and bestselling books. We are proud of our history as VitalSmarts. And we believe there’s much more yet to do.

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9 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

One of the most critical skills in every field is the ability to communicate. Your company thrives when it’s packed with team members who trust one another and can share meaningful messages and creative ideas freely. When you are an expert communicator yourself, your career will flourish. If you are interested in learning how you …

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